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The RAGING KALE shines as a low-profile fixture for indoor and vertical farming. With an IP66 waterproof rating, wireless connectivity and patented optics, the RKa is the perfect solution for your early-stage growing needs. Designed in collaboration with some of the most demanding botanists, the RKa is the go-to fixture when you need a robust, powerful light at an affordable price.


DIMENSIONS: 46” x 6” x 1.5”
POWER: 250w.
SPECTRUM: Full spectrum white (cool & warm)
SECONDARY OPTICS: patented 120° lenses


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Plug option

110v (NEMA 5/15), 220v (NEMA 6/15), 277v (NEMA 7/15), Flying Leads

4 customer reviews “Raging Kale

  1. Been using Scynce for over a year now. We were hooked after only a few weeks of trial runs. The Kales are the best vegetative lights we have ever used. The plant structure, ideal node spacing, growth rate, and overall health far exceeds anything we have ever used. The fixtures are built like a tank and customer service is second to none. Absolutely without a doubt the best LED manufacturer on the market today.

  2. This raging kale was everything that I hoped it would be and more… I have bought many different lights MH t5 other LEDs and this is by far the best light I have bought so far….. extremely satisfied !!!!! And after my next harvest in about 45 days I will be buying another one👍 keep up the good work

  3. I was originally unsure if Scynce was a gimmick, but the lack of a controller made me take a chance on the R.Kale. I am VERY happy I did. I will be buying a Kush 2.0 or whatever latest version is out when I replace my Gavita 1700E in my flower tent.

    I’ve now vegged three runs of plants with this light, and I am very impressed. It does a fantastic job for germ and veg stages of marijuana. I grow indoor with a tent, and these help keep my plants height under control as I can control their initial growth and stretch much better keeping the light blue heavy. Then it allows me to wean them to a full spectrum to prep for moving to my flower tent.

    I am currently trying out a full seed to harvest run just for fun. So far it is going well, and I expect good results. It will be fun to see what I can pull and how the far red works! Tuning and playing with the spectrum has been a really fun experience for me and would be for any grower that likes to try new things.

    I’ve grown photos and autos with this light, kills it with both.

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